We can interrogate the data earlier in the project cycle and develop solutions quicker than ever before

EDi – Paper records a thing of the past. Environmental data intelligence system a first in SA.

The development of EDi in 2016, our trademarked system to capture electronic data in the field and communicate in real time to our project management team, is certainly proving to be a game changer for us. We can interrogate the data earlier in the project cycle and develop solutions quicker than ever before.

South Australian environmental consulting firm, LBWco is expecting to increase its productivity by more than 30% in the next 12 months by rolling out a first of its kind in environmental data intelligence.

According to CEO and co-founder, Kylie Bishop, LBWco is the first in South Australia to implement a paperless, streamlined data intelligence system to significantly reduce the waiting time between getting data from the field and processing it into useable intelligence. “We’ve named it EDi and it is both a philosophy and a system”, she says.”

“EDi is how we solve our clients’ problems and includes a software system for collecting highly organised field data on rugged tablets and transferring it rapidly to our server via the cloud. We create plans for field events in EDi, overlay electronic information we already hold, such as site plans and testing data, then upload the plans to the tablets.

“EDi securely centralises our investigation data; enables the efficient development of environmental intelligence; and allows us to create the solution faster than any system we have worked with before,” says Bishop.

“It will save time in the field and time in the office, which will allow us to offer a more cost effective solution to the client.” she says.

“All of our staff can now send and receive real time data between the office and the field, rather than having to wait for the consultant to return from site and type up hand-written field data. The time and cost savings in regional and remote areas is particularly significant, and our risk for loss of paper records is significantly reduced.

“It also enables our Project Managers to interrogate data collected in real time, to video chat with field staff, and make immediate adjustments to the field program or communicate important information to clients in real time.”

“Over the last 12 months we have been trialling and developing intellectual property around software that we believe will revolutionise how we do things between the office and the field,” Bishop says.

“We started with an innovation in the field because the data captured in the field is the foundation for our solution. Combined with the other aspects of the EDi strategy, we feel that we are disrupting the right things at the moment.”

LBWco has worked closely with NSW based company Earth Science Information Systems (EScIS) to test and develop its software for integration into LBWco’s business and ensure successful roll out.

“Our team is trained and ready to go, we have excellent procedures in place, and we are keen to offer something new to our clients in a market where every dollar and every minute counts,” says Bishop.

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