Site Contamination Assessment and Remediation

Solving your environmental problem so that you can get back on with your project or operation

Site Contamination assessment and remediation – solving your environmental problem so that you can get back on with your project or operation

The types of reports we offer:

  • Site History Reports
  • Preliminary Site Investigation
  • Detailed Site Investigation
  • Remediation Management Plans
  • Factual Reports (no conclusion or recommendation required)
  • Data Only Transmission

Whether you have discovered site contamination on your site, need to know whether site contamination exists,  or want to make sure your operations don’t cause contamination – our project team can tailor a solution for you.

For small and large projects alike, our Principals have extensive experience in providing strategic advice to companies for whole-of-site management of site contamination issues. We develop an investigation and assessment scope specific to the site so that we can characterise the risks and support each client to achieve a successful outcome.

Our innovative EDi philosophy and system is used to gather information as quickly as possible and turn it into usable site intelligence for identifying the environmental problem faced by our clients. It enables us to move quickly onto providing a pragmatic solution. Because we do not use a formula driven approach we avoid unnecessary costs and time delays.

We take into consideration requirements for ongoing site operation and development and long term strategic planning, and successfully facilitate communications and ongoing liaison with Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

The team at LBW co has extensive experience working with Site Contamination Auditors, liaising with local Council and with the EPA where conditions are to be satisfied for site development or where there are concerns of contamination migrating off-site.



LBWco assists clients to understand the risks that site contamination may pose to human health or the environment and to mitigate those risks when remediation is required to satisfy objectives for site development, acquisition or divestment.

We believe in a consultative, collaborative and pragmatic approach to ensure that a remediation strategy for the site is selected and endorsed by all stakeholders.

LBWco develops, monitors and verifies Remediation Management Plans (RMP) specific to a site, the site development schedules and any specific stakeholder requirements.

We can supervise the remediation process on behalf of the client, providing continuity of project understanding, a single line of environmental control, independent third party monitoring and validation, and in doing so can achieve the ongoing confidence of stakeholders.


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