Soil Disposal and Reuse

Creating the most cost effective solution for your surplus or imported soil

Soil Disposal and Reuse – creating the most cost effective solution for your surplus or imported soil

Without proper consideration of all re-use, waste to resource opportunities, and disposal needs, surplus soils can pose a very expensive problem to the client.

LBWco specialises in:

  • developing simple strategies to optimise soil reuse and disposal outcomes
  • assisting clients to understand soil reuse or disposal options for urban renewal and development projects
  • Waste Derived Fill (WDF) solutions for soils and industrial residues
  • the standards and processes required by the EPA to gain their support for the beneficial reuse of a range of wastes specifically recovered for use as fill. (WMPs)

If you need to:

  • manage large volumes of soil – surplus or imported, or
  • meet specific management outcomes as part of bulk earthworks or site preparation

We can help. Our solutions will be based on the planning and design phase to minimise costs; the prevention of delays in project schedules; the inputs that support improved decision making; environmental sustainability.

We take a balanced risk-based approach, and incorporate the need for quality assurance measures, the demonstration of beneficial properties and minimising risk of harm.

We are experienced in participating and facilitating strategic discussions with EPA and delivering projects associated with waste to resources, including development of acceptable use criteria and monitoring guidelines.


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